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Meet John Nese and discover what Galco’s is all about: Freedom of Choice.

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“Around the World in 80 Sips” — Summer Soda Tasting 5 — July 19, 2015

Summer Soda Tasting invites soda-lovers of all ages to sample a wide selection of carbonated bubbly beverages. In addition, guests can enjoy music and soda fun in the parking lot and stock up on all of Galco’s beverage offerings. This year, the theme is “International Sodas” and participants can sample offerings from Italy, France, England […]


Ollin to Perform at Summer Soda Tasting 5 on July 19

From musical theatre to saloons across the country, Ollin is ready to rock for the people of LA –and this year’s guests at Galco’s Summer Soda Tasting 5! Founded by twin brothers Randy and Scott Rodarte, the Los Angeles based band has been rocking the LA music scene since 1994. The sounds of this power […]


Galco’s Wants Your Old Photos!

Galco’s is gearing up to celebrate 60 years in Highland Park this April, 2015! Over the years, people have brought us old photos of not only Galco’s but of what Highland Park looked like in the 60s, 70s, 80s and more. Start gathering up your old photographs that you’d like to share with us  — more […]