Chowhound’s Obsessives: Galcos

Meet John Nese and discover what Galco’s is all about: Freedom of Choice.

Buy Soda Now From Galco’s!


Yahoo! Travel Visits Galco’s

Yahoo! Travel dropped by and declared that Galco’s is “a destinatio​n soda shop in LA you have to see to believe…”


New Glass Mural for Galco’s

Jeff Reed — who has deep roots in Highland Park — is creating a fun-tastical new mural that will be seen from York Bouelvard. We hope you enjoy the “pop” art that he is creating!                


The Great Root Beer Taste Off – July 20, 2014

The Great Root Beer Taste Off will finally settle the question on everyone’s mind – what IS the best root beer? Tasters will have more than 75 types of root beers, birch beers and sarsaparillas to sample and make their own decision. In addition, guests can enjoy music and soda fun in the parking lot […]