A Soda Tax? Really?

The City of El Monte wants to raise money to avoid bankruptcy and city officials are considering a one-cent per ounce on all sugar-sweetened sodas. “Has anyone ever heard about putting money away for a rainy day? Or prepare for bad times? Really, will this tax get them out of a hole that they created […]

Galco’s White Rose Sodas: A Root Beer for Everyone!

White Rose Root Beer is the latest from Galco’s own private line of sodas. Commissioned by owner John Nese – who helped direct the flavor – White Rose Root Beer is a full-bodied root beer with more of a sarsaparilla than sugary finish, which, as John says, will take you back to the “good old […]

Sips and Smiles in the Aisles at Summer Soda Tasting 2

It wasn’t just sodas at our annual Summer Soda Tasting event on July, 22! More than 800 folk crowded our parking lot, rest areas and store as they sampled sodas, listened to live music and comedy from Dakota Smith, laughed with their friends — all the while supporting the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition. […]

Happy Birthday to Dublin!

  Hooray for Dublin Bottling Works that has recently celebrated its 121st birthday by introducing its new line of pure cane sugar sodas! Dublin used to produce Dublin Dr Pepper but was shut down earlier this year by Snapple/Dr Pepper. Dublin Bottling Works will present this line of sodas at our Summer Soda Tasting 2 – their West […]

New on the Shelves: RC Cola in Bottles!

This original icon of American colas, Royal Crown Cola was developed in 1905 by Claude A. Hatcher, a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia who decided to supply his family’s grocery store with drinks that he produced and bottled. Hatcher called his first line of beverages “Royal Crown,” and the first cola product “Chero-Cola.” Sales grew steadily, […]