Galco’s White Rose Sodas: A Root Beer for Everyone!

White Rose Root Beer is the latest from Galco’s own private line of sodas. Commissioned by owner John Nese – who helped direct the flavor – White Rose Root Beer is a full-bodied root beer with more of a sarsaparilla than sugary finish, which, as John says, will take you back to the “good old days.”

This is a root beer without a foamy top, but rather, a flavor that deliciously lingers in your mouth. Refreshing and satisfying!


Why the White Rose name?

Galco’s White Rose soda brand pays homage to the history of the Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood in and outside of the bottle.

The re-created White Rose label is based on a 1930s-era label from a water and soda bottling company that began in Highland Park in the early 1900s.

The Rose Springs Water and White Rose Soda were bottled up until the late 1960s on Figueroa Street (near Sycamore Grove Park) at the base of the Southwest Museum.  As part of Highland Park’s water legacy, many water companies used the creeks and springs that fed into the nearby Arroyo Seco River.

Interestingly enough, North Branch Creek also ran just behind where Galco’s is located today further interlinking these two places and two histories.

Bottled for Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, White Rose Root Beer and Cream Soda are extremely limited editions.  Additional soda flavors will be produced for this new line of “Highland Park’s Own” sodas in the near future.

Sip with a Purpose!

As an ongoing commitment to benefit the communities of Northeast Los Angeles, Galco’s is donating a portion of each bottled sold of this new brand to the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition which is fighting to permanently re-open the beloved landmarks, the Southwest Museum and Casa de Adobe in historic Highland Park.


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