Hello to the Hippos!


One fan wondered if we had to build bigger shelves once the Hippos arrived.

While we didn’t have to construct a new display case, we did shuffle sodas around so folks could get their hands on the new Hippo Size Beverages. (With a name like Hippo, you’d think the bottles would be ENORMOUS!)

Resurrected from an original recipe that dates the brand back to 1927 Texas, these new Hippos are going with the same mantra, “Small Bottle, Big Taste.”

Open wide and say, “Ahhhh” to Big Black Cherry, Jumbo Root Beer, Colossal Cream and (we love this name) Prodigious Peach.

One Response to “Hello to the Hippos!”
  1. Roy says:

    This is originally from San Antonio Texas. I knew the Garza Family that bottled these sodas. Back in the day they were called Soda Water. Man this took me back several years. Now I have to go to Your store to Purchase this brand of soda. Thaniks for the Memories….

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