Introducing…Galco’s Soda Creation Station!

To be unveiled at this year’s Summer Soda Tasting event on July 28, 2013, Galco’s Soda Creation Station is where a million possible soda combination resides. A first for the soda pop market, the Creation Station invites soda lovers to choose a mixture of flavors, add carbonation strength, mix and then cap and label a 12 oz. bottle.

“The Soda Creation Station continues Galco’s mission of offering customers ‘Freedom of Choice,’” says John about the homemade sodas that folks will be able to create to their liking. Customers can choose to mix up to two of the 80 syrups that are offered as well as adding light or full carbonation.

“The Soda Creation Station puts Galco’s in the forefront of soda history,” says John who hopes the new area will attract families, birthday party goers, sodaphiles and creative culinary DIYers.

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