Summer Soda Tasting is July 31, 2016

Summer Soda Tasting invites soda-lovers of all ages to sample a wide selection of carbonated bubbly beverages. This year’s selections include delicious offerings from Bedford’s of Port Angeles, WA; the extensive line of amazing Australian sodas from Bickford’s; fantastic French sodas from Rieme; sparkling indulges from Zedazeni which hails from the Republic of Georgia; and the […]

Soda Sipping with Great Entertainment

   All your soda sipping will have a wonderful musical soundtrack, thanks to our great entertainers. This year, Summer Soda Tasting 6 kicks off with a blessing from Native American Ted Garcia of the Tatviam tribe of Northern LA County; he’ll also share words and songs.  Guitarist David Holguin will perform Flamenco-styled tunes and Banna Beag Mall, an eclectic […]

Got Carbonated Kids? Let Them Burp-Off!

What do you get when you mix carbonated bubbly beverages and kids? A lot of burps! As part of the Summer Soda Tasting 6, kids ages 6-12 can enter a Burp-Off Competition and show everyone their finest, most creative, Did-They-Really-Do-That? belch! Participation is free. Burp-Off time is 5:45pm; if necessary, a second contest takes place at […]